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Steve started as a Race Director with Ragnar, helped grow the company, and built the Ragnar Trail Relay series. 10 years later as Senior VP of Operations, he left the company on great terms.

In 2009 Steve left the field of engineering to focus on a career that was more in line with his life passion of outdoor sport. He started with Ragnar as the race director of the SoCal Ragnar Relay. After two race seasons, he was promoted to the Safety & Medical Director where he worked to give Ragnar the reputation of putting on the safest long distance running relays in the world. The safety and medical focus was a great challenge but after getting the department on its feet, Steve yearned to introduce trail running to the Ragnar following.

In 2012 Steve developed the Ragnar Trail Relays. The Trail series sustained Ragnar’s growth during a time of decline in the running event industry. A special focus to build the series in an environmentally sustainable manner was very important to Steve. Now, the Ragnar Trail Relays is the largest trail running series in the Western Hemisphere, introducing more runners to the beauty of trail running than any other event.

As Ragnar grew, it was time for another change in the structure of the company. Steve tackled the Senior VP of Operations title, overseeing all operations for the company. Ragnar had an international footprint with races on five continents, shipping containers and 18-wheelers moving globally, and a staff of around 80 full time employees and 40 contract employees. Steve’s role at the company was coordinating the operations for all of these moving parts, keeping an eye on expenses and profitability, determining the direction for the company in years to come, and having lots of fun doing it.

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