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In January 2020, Steve was handed a rough GPX file of the Cocodona250 course. Fast-forward 16-months to the largest, most successful launch of a 200+ mile-distance race the world has yet seen. It was perfectly integrated as an Aravaipa race, but was orchestrated by an outside contractor.
The beauty of the Cocodona Course

Jamil Coury, a legend in the trail running world, had long dreamed of an ultra long distance trail running race in Arizona but he, and the entire team at Aravaipa, were slammed busy with a full schedule of running and mountain bike events. Diverting the attention and time of the Aravaipa team in order to work on a far off goal was not realistic. Jamil hired Steve via One Step Events to develop the Cocodona250 race from outside of Aravaipa, but to still look and feel like an Aravaipa race.

The first step was to solidify the route and obtain permits from over 50 land owners and managers. No small task. Quickly developing a rapport and working with stakeholders is a key skill in bringing large scale events to life. Once that was well underway it was time to build the website and launch registration.

And then…Runner communications. Insurance. Health and fire inspectors. Coordinating and training a staff of 30 people, medical teams, vendors, and over 400 volunteers spread over 250-miles and 5 days. Marking the course, setting up aid stations, 5 large box trucks to setup and teardown 21 aid stations, a start line, and finish line. Meals for hundreds of runners over 5 days in a refrigerated truck. 3000 pounds of ice. Real time GPS tracking of every runner. Communications systems and trailer. Live stream coverage that captured the attention of the trail running world. Whew! It was a big event and a grand success.

Cocodona Website